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Mind linkin it yo?

I’m pretty sure it’s deleted.

She hid the comment anyway, so you wouldn’t be able to see it.

This one time my cousin submitted a picture of Darwin (from TAWoG) to DeviantArt, and someone commented on it about evolution and how “Charles Darwin was a greater savior to mankind than Jesus ever was!” (that was literally what they said)

This was on a picture of a cartoon fish.


really love the signage in sonic x

100 fucking notes on that stupid thing.


I forgot I made this.

It just feels that way but I hope you are very fun and exciting

Well, I hate to disappoint you anon, but I’m neither of those things.

You seem like you are a very very hard person to get to know I'm sencing

Huh? Why would you say that?

Hey Jonathanelrod you think you can make another comic of The amazing world of gumball.

Comics are harder for me to do than normal pictures. Plus I don’t really even have any ideas for one…

Can you make jamie x gumball art


PCP can help your problems

Sorry, I don’t listen to that juggalo music.

"Insultin’ a man’s DINNER be worse than insultin’ his SPAGHETTI

the sky had a weegee

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my slash fic account, obviously Found it.

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b-but these DA points I’ve been saving up for you …

You aren’t even active on DA, how’d you get them points, boy?